Currently Loving: The Nigel Edition

As you have seen we've launched this all new series for our blog: Currently Loving. We're getting personal with our team, clients and friends so we can learn more about them and our favorite city, Philly! Read on for tips, favorites and neighborhood musts from locals who, like us, live (and love) everything our town has to offer.

Nigel Headshot.jpg


Meet Our Fearless Leader...

Meet Nigel...Community devotee, style maven and friend to all. Modern day renaissance man with a passion for selling homes, making music, designing fashion and nerding out on economics.

It's Saturday night, you've got a babysitter and you're taking your wife out for a nice dinner in the city. Where are you two headed and why?

Barclay Prime sitting in the bar area.  Totally private and the food is amazing.  Starting with the popovers… everything is so good.  Contemporary Caviar, great champagne, and so yummy steaks and sides.


What is your favorite sound or noise in Philadelphia?

“welcome to, Route 57, Only to Fernrock” when the busses talk to me and I think I am so popular with strangers telling me “welcome!"


 You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

Purple.  That’s the color of imagination/enlightenment.


Favorite spot to take the kiddo for some impromptu fun? 

The Gravers Lane train station, Liberty Lands Park, any construction site.  


 If you couldn't work in real estate anymore, what career would you pursue?

Fashion Designer, Actor…  


It's a holiday weekend and you're jumping in the car for a quick getaway. Where are you headed and why?

Carversville, PA because its so close (60 minutes) and so quaint, pretty and quiet.  


If you could bring your favorite band to town and have them play at any venue, where would they play & why?

Muse would play at the Mann Music Center and I would picnic and rock out!


You have to furnish your entire house from one local store. Which store would you pick and why?  

Mitchell and Gold.  They used to be on Chestnut St… now in the King of Prussia Mall.  Its so classy and comfy!  They also have such helpful designers working there.  CB2 would be a close second.


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?



Your best friend is coming to visit Philly for the first time. Where are you taking him first?

Café La Maude for lunch/brunch and Front Street café for outside cocktails/dinner on the same day!